Opening a file sent in a live deploy

Hi, I’m running into a problem where I’m loading up a new PDF file in a folder I made (assets/pdf) via Live Deploy and the file will not open on Android when the Live Deploy version is running. Now, if I build from scratch the file opens up just fine. I’m using file-opener. Anyone have any ideas why this might be? I’m wondering if maybe “this.file.applicationDirectory” is referencing the build version data structure instead of the live deploy?

Here’s a code snippet:

this.file.copyFile(this.file.applicationDirectory + ‘www/’ + this.path, filename, this.file.externalCacheDirectory, filename)
.then( _ => { + filename, ‘application/pdf’)
.then(() => {
console.log(‘File is opened’);
.catch(e => console.log(JSON.stringify(e)));
.catch( err => {
console.log("Error copying file = " + JSON.stringify(err));