Open Spotify-track in Spotify from Ionic-app?


Fairly new to Ionic, already love it. But, I got stuck on one thing. Am using the Spotify Web API to search Spotify for tracks, add them to a list and then…play them. The two first parts are working just fine, but the last part is the tricky one. Have tried the… in the inAppBrowser-plugin and although it works to show the track, I can’t seem to play it. So I went on trying the uri for the track: spotify:track:track-id. This seems to be working just fine from a regular browser in Chrome (Android). Clicking the uri, Spotify opens in my phone and starts playing the song. But, that’s not the case when clicking it from within my ionic-app.

Has anyone tried this out, using Spotify Web API with Ionic (Android) and playing a track on Spotify while triggering it from within your Ionic-app?

Any suggestions are appreciated! :slight_smile:

Well, I can only bump the topic. Without seeing this, I have come to the same spot as you are/were. Suggestions are welcome.

[EDIT] Just as a heads up, it’s possible to playback 30 seconds of a song via the Web API, but obviously, this doesn’t give you much functionality. Therefor, an implementation of the Spotify URI scheme would be most welcome. Or any other way to get it working …

I use spotify music downloader to save the songs in MP3 format. Then I can upload them to any apps without errors as local files. The converted Spotify music is lossless and I can play them offline whenever I want.