Open external App like Spotify in iOS10 with Ionic suddenly doesn't work

In my Ionic (v1)(Phonegap Build) App I open, with a touch of a button, some Apps like Spotify, Deezer or Napster. Since i updated to iOS10 none of them will open anymore. Debugging with Safari got me no errors at all.

I tried to search the Internet but couldn’t find any explanation for this. I open these Apps like this:

// Open in Android"spotify:album:"+spotifyID, {openExternal : true});
// Open in iOS

It worked without any Problems up to iOS9 but in iOS10 nothing happens when I touch the Button. Are there any Changes to this i couldn’t find?

Thank you for any hint.

I solved it with the normal web url ( in iOS 10.

I think you can use the Spotify Music Downloader to get the songs. Then you can import them to Ionic app for offline listening. Also, you can access them on other players or share to websites.