Only one selection on table ionic 3

I want to ask, so I want to make app that can only select one specific row and column on table on ionic 3, I want to develop ionic for android. Here is the screenshot and code.

<tr *ngFor="let pc of priceList[u]; let i = index">

        <ng-container *ngFor="let amount of priceList[u]; let j = index">
          <td (click)="tableClicked(i, j)" *ngIf="!applyStyleToSelected(i, j)">{{amount.instAmt/1000000|number:'1.1-3'}}</td>
          <td class="selected" (click)="tableClicked(i, j)" *ngIf="applyStyleToSelected(i, j)">{{amount.instAmt/1000000|number:'1.1-3'}}</td>

  background-color: darkred;
  color: white;
tableClicked(row: number, col: number) {
    console.log('row -> ', row);
    console.log('col -> ', col);

    if(this.selectedIndex && row == this.selectedIndex.r && col == this.selectedIndex.c) {
      this.selectedIndex = null;


    this.selectedIndex = {
      r: row,
      c: col

  applyStyleToSelected(row: number, col: number): boolean {
    if(!this.selectedIndex) {
      return false;

    return this.selectedIndex.r == row && this.selectedIndex.c == col;
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There’s no need for ngIf here. You can bind [class.selected] to a boolean expression.

I see, thank you for tell me…