One machine's Runtime error displayed to all the other machine


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We are developing the project in Ionic version 2 with LAN Network. Once the Ionic server started, If one of the client get Runtime error, then same error will be displayed to all the client machine which is already connect to server.

Assume Ionic server running on the machine with the port
Client Machine 1, Client Machine 2, Client machine 3 access the same port

If Client Machine 1 get the “Runtime Error”, The same error displayed to Client Machine 2 and Client machine 3.

The Machine 1’s Run time error message is displayed to machine 2 and machine 3.



Hi Team,

Any suggestions. Please reply.


What do you mean by that?

Are you using ionic serve on one machine and opening it on multiple machines? Why? What are you doing on these other machines?


I have created ionic 2 project. Then I use the command ionic serve. The site is running on

I access the above port in 3 different device. The run time error which is belong to device1 is displayed in all devices like sockets.


What do you mean by “runtime error”?
In general ionic serve is not meant as a web server but to enable you to run and debug the app locally. If you want to host the results on a web server that can be used like a web site copy the contents of `/www’ to a real webserver like Apache or Nginx.


When the user accessing the domain, if any logical or arithmetic issue happen, then the programs throws run time error.
Accessing undefined property
Uncaught exception
Cannot find module
Property is undefined or inaccessible


So what?
Did you read my second paragraph?


Yes, now I understand. Explained clearly.