One control app to download multiple apps

I have developed some apps for the same customer which showcase his various projects and have uploaded this to Google Play. Now the customer wants one app (lets call this a control app) to prompt the Viewer to download his other project apps.

To clarify further:

  1. Customer A has say three apps on Play strore - App1, App2, App3
  2. He then directs his viewers to download any one of the App from Play store
  3. Assuming that Viewer1 has downloaded App2, Customer now wants a way Viewer1 is made aware of the existence of the other two Apps on Play store and is also prompted to download them.
    This is the first part of the requirement.

The second part goes like this:

  1. Based on the prompt, say Viewer1 has downloaded App1.
  2. With this, there are 2 icons on the Tab of Viewer1. Instead, can we have one Control App created on his phone which houses these 2 Apps.
  3. Also, Viewer1 will be prompted to download App3 on a periodic basis.
  4. Not important, but good to have, if App4 is added to Play store and linked to App1-App3, then again the control app signals the new app available to Viwer1 for download.

Is this possible??