On-swipe-left="func()" sensitivity

In browser the success rate is 100% when I try with my mouse, but in real devices I have to at least try to swipe 5 times. My device is high end phone. Anyone know what’s wrong here? The func() is just state.go(’/’) so it’s not overloaded issue.

+1 to this. I have noticed the same discrepency and it really puts a dent in usability…

I also think this should be resolved. It’d be very nice if we can control sensitivity for Ionic gesture directives.

Anyone found a solution to this problem?

I realise that this is an old issue but wanted to check if there was any progress. I am using Ionic Creator with on-swipe-left/right to changes pages. When I use it in a browser (Chrome), either on PC or Android, it works 100% of the time. When I compile to APK, swiping responsiveness is terrible. When I change the function to on-drag-left/right it works perfectly.