On same page, some of the images among multiple are not getting load (resource not found 404) on iOS


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Dear, do you have any idea what the problem is regarding?


There is not enough information for me to know what is causing that.

  1. First, I recomend you to copy those image links to see if you can load them directly in the browser (just copy the links returned from the API and paste them in the browser).

  2. Also, see if those images are allowed to be loaded from anywhere (without IP restriction and so on, although the error shouldn’t be 404 in this case).

  3. Then you should see if the server that host those images is behaving correctly (isn’t having downtime) and don’t limit the number of files loaded concurrently from the same source (although if this was the case, the error shouldn’t be 404).

I would try the 1st option and see if you can load the images, maybe the images don’t exist, or the url is wrong (even though an API is returning them).


resolved bro… thanks a lot :blush: