'on-hold' event on ionic


I have a question, there is an event or way to detect the ‘hold’ or ‘double tab’ in ionic 2?.


Yeah, I’m needing this too.

Couldn’t find in docs.

I am looking on that one too

Same here, cmon is something elementary xd

If it’s so elementary why don’t you implement it and submit a pull request?

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¿? when we are playing with mobiles ofcourse that on-hold event handler is something elementary, not just for me. But is not a negativo criticsm, i am very agree with this framework, which i think is the best of his class. Theres no need to put on a defensive mode.

And ofcourse if i am posting here, i dont know how to implement that, and yeah i am not ve y familiar with github and with pull request, never did it, my english is poor and i think others people asked for that.

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What a coincidence…I just posted a tutorial on this! :slight_smile: I directly cover a “hold” gesture (now referred to as press), but detecting multiple taps is possible with only slight alteration.

Here’s a direct link to the tutorial: roblouie | Using Gestures Hold, Double Tap, and more in the Ionic 2 Beta

Here’s the other forum post:


Niceeeee, i will try it

This might come in handy Ionic 2 Gestures, I’m planning to use this for detecting ‘hold’ gestures within my app

I was able to use the ‘press’ event from Ionic 2 Gestures to do the same thing as a ‘hold’. In my case I’m using it to show an Action Sheet on hold