Offline Application

Hello guys! I am building an offline application which involves offline syncing. Is it possible to have an offline data of at least 30 million records? What technology should i use to achieve this?


Im building an offline sync application to.
I’m just storing everything inside an JSON object.

What you could do is to use SQLite.

This is how I’m doing it:

  • Storing in SQLite
  • Building up query’s in localstorage and save them in a localfile
  • Inserting it in the current JSON
  • By syncing I send the SQLite response to the API and also for the query’s

So if SQLite data fails I got an backup with the Query’s.

Just out of interest - what type of app requires access to 30 million plus records?

the problem is, my SQLite is around 3gb and would be increasing. As a result, I can not build with android because I am having an error in Java Heap even though I increased the heap space. So is it still possible?