Offline App Support


I have a live application that is currently in the apple store. As a requirement, the app needs to run Offline. Right now, the app in the apple store is signed with a normal Distribution certificate. So we have two cases:

Case #1: The app is in the apple store signed with a normal distribution certificate.

  • When we login and use the app, I save some parameters in the IndexedDB locally in the device.

  • If you force the close of the app and open again the app works fine and all the offline data is present.

  • If you put the iPhone in Airplane mode and force the close of the app, and re-launch the app been in airplane mode, all the data saved in the IndexedDB is lost.

Case #2: The app is signed with a Developer certificate same account, team and organization than the previous case:

  • The app always works fine and the Offline data of IndexedDB is always present.

  • When we reproduce the 3rd step described in the previous case, nothing happens, the app works fine and the Offline Data is present.

  • What can be the possible explanation to this behavior in the official app publishen in the app store.?


Alain Fernandez

Have you tried using SQLite (or ionic-storage with an SQLite driver prioritized) instead of IndexedDB?