Odd "overhang" on Galaxy Tab s4


I have a nav-view, that renders just fine on every device, until I put it on this Galaxy Tab s4 (10"). It “hangs” off the edge of the screen by ~20 pixels; that is, the renders to the correct 1280px, but the underlying ion-side-menu is about 20 pixels left of the edge of the screen. Happens in both Chrome and Cordova. Will try to get photos or screenshots or something tomorrow.


Hmm, interesting issue.

Can you provide some sample code or a codepen?
Do this happen with the default sidemenu starter?


It’s been frustrating to reproduce. I had a pretty good screencap ready, then the device rotated and the layout fixed itself with the reflow. I’ve seen it a couple times since, but am too busy to dedicate the time to track it down. Hopefully it will be serious enough I can demand my client let me go bug hunting :wink:


Ha, for sure. Honestly, Samsung does some shifty things to their web views, so it could always be something to do with that.


“We are samsung, we see no reason why you’d ever want to sort your icons in the launcher!”