Odd Animations with inline templates

I moved my templets to be inline and came across some odd animation issues. When changing states, the initial view slides out left to right and the new view slides in right to left. It’s basically the opposite of what is tended.

When I switch to keeping my templates as separate html files, the issue get resolved.

I’m using the nightly builds so I’m not sure if the Ionic guys are making changes right now.
Anyone else seeing this?

I can’t think of what may be causing that. Would you be be to recreate in with a codepen?

Unfortunately I can’t get it to reproduce it inside of codepen or even in the browser. It happens when i"m on an actual device

Actually, I’ve seen this on device as well even without inline templates. I didn’t really care as the direction isn’t really important to me. However, it is definitely happening.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the code that did that nor can I test on device because Xcode is so borked.

Well its the the direction that really concerns me, but there is a nice gap between each view, basically there is a whole “view” length of space between the two transitions. I forgot to mention that part originally