Obscure Bug Random Crash on launch on iOs


My ionic project crashes on launch every now and then (I’d say approximately one launch on two). I’ve tried to reduce the problem eliminating everything, from css to reducing the project to bare bones, but I am really unable to understand why it crashes.

The application launches normally, but sometimes it doesn’t, and in xcode this is the “stack trace” I’ve got:


(memory bad access)


The thread crashing is com.apple.root.default-qos(concurrent)

Profiling the application with Instruments, I found a Zombie:

An Objective-C message was sent to a deallocated ‘UIViewAnimationState’ object (zombie) at address: 0x1701d5810. 
Here’s the release/retain cycle that brings to the Zombie object:

#	Event Type	∆ RefCt	RefCt	Timestamp	Responsible Library	Responsible Caller
0	Malloc	+1	1	00:05.870.575	UIKit	+[UIViewAnimationState pushViewAnimationState:context:]
1	Retain	+1	2	00:05.873.689	QuartzCore	CA::AttrList::set(unsigned int, _CAValueType, void const*)
2	Retain	+1	3	00:05.873.691	UIKit	-[UIViewAnimationState     setAnimationAttributes:correctZeroDuration:skipDelegateAssignment:customCurve:]
3	Release	-1	2	00:05.874.810	UIKit	+[UIViewAnimationState popAnimationState]
4	Release	-1	1	00:05.875.046	UIKit	+[UIViewAnimationState popAnimationState]
Retain/Release (2)		 	00:05.876.385	Foundation	+[NSConcreteNotification newTempNotificationWithName:object:userInfo:]
7	Release	-1	0	00:05.876.400	QuartzCore	CA::Layer::run_animation_callbacks(void*)
8	Zombie		-1	00:07.499.863	QuartzCore	CA::release_objects(X::List<void const*>*)

I’ve found a fix here which is to put

[UIView setAnimationsEnabled:NO ]

in your xcode project. However this bug prevents me to use phonegap build, and I’d like to understand what the bug is and what exactly is going on.


Could be this WebKit bug 138961.


wow. two years and no solution…