NS_ERROR_FILE_CORRUPTED: , http://localhost:8100/lib/ionic-platform-web-client/dist/ionic.io.bundle.min.js

Hi all,

Following http://docs.ionic.io/docs/user-quick-start I’m trying to get Users registered in the app.

I have followed these steps:

$ ionic start test
$ cd test
$ ionic add ionic-platform-web-client
$ ionic io init

And the I have added this code to app.js in .run function

// kick off the platform web client

// this will give you a fresh user or the previously saved 'current user'
var user = Ionic.User.current();

But I’m getting this error:

NS_ERROR_FILE_CORRUPTED: http://localhost:8100/lib/ionic-platform-web-client/dist/ionic.io.bundle.min.js Line: 2

Do you know who can I fix this error?



Hi, Jorge,

Sorry about my english :grin:
I have the same problem. Did you fix it?

Hi fabriciosilva,

I wasn’t able to fix it so I started from scratch again and everthing worked.

I will do the same. Thanks, @jorgecacho