NPM cordova installation issue on OS X

Hello guys,

I’m trying to install cordova on OS X.
npm install ionic comannd worked fine but when I try to install cordova using npm install -g cordova, installer is always stuck at shelljs … it doesn’t progress beyond shelljs.

extract:browserify sill extract: shelljs@0.3.0

How can I make this work? It looks like something is preventing this package from being installed on OS X.

I’m on OS X 10.11 El Capitan running on VMware…
I hope there’s a solution…


@jamesharvey I see 2 possible issues:

  1. you’re not main administrator of the mac you’re on, or you installed it as simple user (it needs power user)
  2. you miss some packages for what you want, try to update your mac OS.


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I’m using sudo npm install so I’m sure I’m the admin of this vmware mac.
All other packages installed fine… what’s up with this shelljs?
I installed shelljs separately using npm command and it installed. It gets stuck only when I use npm install cordova.
Is there any way to exclude this shelljs@0.3.0 from npm install cordova?

@jamesharvey Well, sorry I’m mainly a Windows user for desktop, so I couldn’t tell :frowning: (decent linux admin, but for web)

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Same here. I thought it will be easy to export an iOS version app on OS X but it causes lots of problems and OS X running on a laptop isn’t really fast at all. It took me a whole day to deal with this issue but still no luck.

and it turns out the newest version Xcode doesn’t work with old OS X… I need to install Xcode v7.

If nothing works out, I will use (… however it’s ideal to have a solution on my windows 10 laptop.

I ended up buying a membership at MacinCloud.

Macincloud is the ultimate iOS solution for windows users!

It has Xcode, node.js pre-installed. Its cloud Mac OS is extremely stable and fast… I’m impressed with its quality.
It works well with Cordova, Ionic and other npm packages. No errors spotted and everything went well.
On top of that, they give you 24 hour free trial.

But I’m surprised Apple is now charging $99 plus tax per each year to all developers on app store.