Now is about Android Studio

This issue bring me out of my mind.
I have my project tested and compiled on Android Studio several months ago. I continue working and now, when I compiled AS give me some errors of compatibility on severals plugins. I realized that there is an update. I updated AS and now, there are two errors.

Plugin Error
Plugin “Android Studio Prettify” is incompatible (supported only in IntelliJ IDEA).
Plugin “Android Parcelable code generator” is incompatible (supported only in IntelliJ IDEA).

How is it possible?
Now, IntelliJ is better than AS?

Had someone a problem like this?

People, I found the solution in case of someone will have some plugins error. I made several things. I uninstall AS and I had the same errors.
In this page I found several possible scenes.

The problem was on my android folder too. I deleted it and built the project again. Later, I install Android Studio and updated it.