Novice Q: If I change interface on server does it automatically get updated on App?

So, again as a novice in Ionic, After developing the App using ionic2 with TypeScript, creating the APK and uploading it to google play and someone installs it.
if I change the interface like change how a list looks like or change an image of an icon or the name of a menu item, etc… anything that does not require actually the natives (GPS, Camera, etc…)

Does this automatically reflect on the user’s interface or do I have to repack everything and create a new APK, upload, ask for download, install, etc…?

If interface reflects automatically - which would be great - which are the instances where I would need to actually repack and build the apk?

@kemety, If you make your menu items, icons, fonts dynamic from the your rest service, then you can change it whenever you need. you don’t need to re-build the APK.

Especially for somebody new to mobile development, I would pump the brakes on this idea. It’s easy to do wrong and hard to secure and test.