Hello I’m new with ionic 2 and I need some help with notification.

In fact I created an Ionic app which receives some data from a web applications through Rest API.
This web application is developed with JCMS, and one kind of data in this applications is the Articles.
I would like to receive a notification in my android/ios device to my ionic apps when I create a new articles in my web aplications, however I don’t know how can I do that.
I check how work push notification but I find nothing about to trigger a push notification from an external web application.
I have an idea to do that with the local notification, but it’s not really optimized. It’s to create a provider which will check each 30 minutes or less, with a Rest call. But when my ionic app is stopped, I can’t verify if there is new articles anymore.

Do you know if there is a means to trigger push notification from a external website?
Do you have other idea?

Thank you


This exists and should be used here:


thank you for this link, I didn’t find it. My notification works well thanks http request.