Notifications/tool tip/mini pop-up?

Sorry, this may have been asked before but I’m not exactly whatever I’m after is called so didn’t have much luck with the search function.

I’m using the cordovaClipboard plugin to enable a user to tap a div and have that div’s contents copied to the clipboard. It works no problem, but it doesn’t have any feedback to tell the user that anything has happened.

So, I’m after a way to display small notification message that will display wherever the user tapped with a message like - “Copied to clipboard”, for a split second then disappear.

Is there anything in the framework that I might be able to use/modify for this purpose or should I look at implementing it myself?

Just thought I’d check before wasting time trying to implement something that is already included in the ionic and/or angularJS frameworks.

Thanks in advance.

You could do something like this

When you click to copy the text, set up a small notification bar