Notifications server <-> client

I am a beginner and build my first app step by step (ionic, angular, capacitor ). I would like to implement a notification service, but dont know the energy saving solution. The app user can login into my server and is able to write messages. A help center will respond to the users messages. The server is the interface between different systems. How can the server inform the logged in user that there is a new message, so that the app can start a http request to fetch the new data. I dont want to create a http request with a two second interval or so, just to see if the status on server side has changed for the user. Are there any documentations I can read to get his done?


One option is to use push notifications

There is a truckload of options and blogs about this

The other - more custom - approach is to use sockets to have open connections with your backend

Maybe there are more and push notifications are generally well documented

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Ok thanks for pointing me to the right path, “push notification” is the keyword here. I will look into it.

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