Notification App-Can Ionic do it?

Hello, i am developing an app for a project that i have to complete and want some feedback on how best to develop this and if their are any tutorials to help with this, Here we go :

The App basic functionality is:

  1. Take Information from a source
    2.Display the information from this source through the app.
  2. Whenever new content has been added to the source when the user view the app it will update to the current information.
  3. Send an notification to the user every time new content has been added.

1.What would be the best way to accomplish one, would this be by a sever where it pulls information from it via a datebase or storing the information on a website where it pulls it from their What would be the best and some what easier to develop.
2.How would you update the app so that when information is added it updates.