Not what it says on the tin


new to ionic
using CLI v2.2.1

C:>ionic --help

told me…

start [options] <PATH> [template] … Starts a new Ionic project in the specified PATH
[options] any flags for the command
<PATH> directory for the new project
[template] Starter templates can either come from a named template,

…so I went with ;

C:>ionic start --v1 ion1 sidemenu

…expecting to get a new directory c:\ion1 and in that directory get a “sidemenu” template based ionic 1 project …

What I saw on screen was ;

Creating an Ionic app in C:\sidemenu based on the tabs template.

…and it did indeed create c:\sidemenu

(all of which fills me with great foreboding)


I believe the --v1 option was added in CLI 2.2.3, so your version doesn’t have it and defaults to v1.


for me it works, but i have changed the order:

I also have cli version 2.2.3 like rapropos mentioned.


Cheers ! Upgraded to 2.2.3 and now works as expected.

(obviously a bug in 2.2.1 - should have reported unknown flag or ignored it and gone on to apply remaining args as documented instead of ignoring the project name and taking the template as the project)


Great find.

You can report it at


Pretty sarky for a moderator.

I pointed out it was a bug as the comment could have been interpreted to mean the problem was user error on my part.

But yeah, no need to worry about it - we’ve moved on to a whole new set of problems now.


That was actually my honest reaction to that. I don’t think anybody thought of that, so reporting an issue would be the right thing to do to bring it to the attention of the CLI developers.