Not seeing all .ts files for generated file and I cannot debug .ts file

Hi guys. I posted a question on and in my latest comments I added a Visual Studion 2015 Taco project: that doesn’t properly generate source maps for .ts files and I cannot debug them in the browser or VS, while an earlier project: does work. Can someone try to debug .ts files in Chrome let’s say. I suppose it doesn’t necessarily need to be opened with VS 2015 and run in debug mode for it, but VS code or other manual methods could do. The important thing is to fix .ts source map generation. I can only see one file: page2.ts being added to and really the code starts on the home page so the debugger cannot even hit page2.ts that I can see Chrome sees.

My second problem is when I update my .ts or html code and do another debug/build it is not propagated to the device. Do I have some kind of build caching going on? This is frustrating as I cannot proceed with my development.