Not getting the combo value after deploying

I have an issue, my app works wonderfully in VS 2015, the ripple app performs as it should, when I deploy to IOS I get the text of the combo box and not the value, this was working a few days ago, I don’t think I changed anything.
The HTML code:
select ng-model=“ncrFault” ng-change="faultChanged(ncrFault)"
option ng-repeat=“ncrfaultCode in ncrfaultCodes” ng-selected=“ncrfaultCode.text == ncrFault[0].text” ng-value=“ncrfaultCode.value” ncrfaultCode.text
It’s not letting me add the html code.
The controller code:
var urlStr = + “ncr/faultCode/” + ncrFault;
In VS 2015 the output of the urlStr is http://webapi/ncr/faultCode/12
When deployed and run on iPhone it is http://webapi/ncr/faultCode/Hardware
Generating a bad request error when deployed.
Thank you