Not getting Build Emails

Hello everyone. Just seeing if anyone else is having this issue. So two days ago I was submitting builds through creator and was getting them emailed to me within a 5 min. time span. Yesterday, I updated my app a little bit and submitted it to build and be emailed to me. When I tell it to build for iOS I get a confirmation saying “Build will be emailed to you”. However, when I check my email even in spam I am not getting anything. I’ve tried logging out, trying a release and debug build. I submitted a ticket yesterday but still no response. It’s been a full 20 hours and I still haven’t received anything so. I tried again this morning to do a build and I still get nothing.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: I also tried to change my email to another email and got locked out of my account somehow. It was a mess. I couldn’t log back in with either email addresses. Fortunately, I had the tab still open to change my email. I just changed it back to the old email and was able to log back in.

Best check with the Ionic team: