Not able to understand Ionic2 Segment component using formBuilder

I wish to use Ionic2’s Segment component to create a three-phase form filling process. e.g. consider a money transfer scenario - 3-phases of setting up money transfers are - 1. Fillup From Account details - From Account# and BankRouting#, 2. Fill up ‘To’ account details - To Account# and BankRouting#. and 3. Specify Date when to Transfer money and Number of occurrence.
So the 3 segments I would have in my view are - ‘From Account’, ‘To Account’, ‘Date and Frequency’

the documentation of 'Segment’ component is not very clear how to implement ‘Segment’ for this requirement, like how to specify the set of form controls to be shown in each segment. Also the example in API docs shows ngControl in ‘ion-segment’ tag. but ‘ion-segment’ will point to a html segment specified by its ‘value’ attribute and that html segment may have multiple form controls each with different ngControl.

I am bit lost how to get this segments configured with formbuilder, anyone has any example or a better documentation/link in Ionic2, kindly share.

got it working, although document is not very clear, its easy to figure out, the reason it was not working for me was because I had misspelled the variable name I used for formbuilder in my html.

can you share your code mine is not working.

  <div padding>
       <ion-segment  [(ngModel)]="homeSegment">
       <ion-segment-button *ngFor="#item of fetchCatch" value="" secondary>
   <div [ngSwitch]="homeSegment">
         <ion-list *ngFor="#itemx of fetchCatch" *ngSwitchWhen="''">
         <ion-item *ngFor="#itemchild of itemx.children (click)="categoryDetails(itemchild)">

Hi Kkap,

Can you share your code, how you did this ?

I want to prepare four-phase form filling process for one of my project. I am not getting how to do this.

Please if you can share your code or any reference links, that will be helpful for me.

Thanking you.