Not able to build android application using gradle


I have been trying to integrate social sharing in my app. For the purpose of testing it, it requires the APK to be build using gradle. Previously I was testing it by building it using ant.

I was able to remove the gradle error by following the steps given at the following link :
Remove gradle error.

But now I am facing with a new error in which I need your help guys.Any suggestions or links,hints that can help are welcome.


Proxy or cencorship?

Quickest fix: Connect to your mobile phone’s hotspot and use it to execute the command ones. Should be fine in the future.


I checked over normal internet without any proxy.I checked this URL on my mobile phone ie which is causing the problem. It shows a page not found error (404) .Could it be that the file is not available anymore.?


File is which is available.


Ohh yes!! I am sorry…mistake on my part…will check it by executing commands by using a mobile hotspot.