NoSuchKey or accessDenied page on ionic


I am facing an issue with the ionic App, my configuration for the ionic app is
Am using ionic v6, angular 14 with the capacitor.

for my app, am keeping all my www folder data/files in an amazon s3 folder, and from there am hosting it using as URL in the capacitor app.

The issue am facing is, installing an app, with login details after keeping the app in for a few hours in the background, and after reopening it after a few hours, it shows “NoSuchKey” or “Access denied” errors.

Any solution for this issue.

Update: we use server.url in capacitor.config file which is pointed to content hosted in S3 bucket.
Example: server.url ==> (cloudfront → S3)

when app is kept open for sometime in background , it gives below Error on app reopening:

NoSuchKey The Specified Key does not exist in path…"


am already using it on the server.url I have added my S3-hosted URL.

we also faced a similar issue with the Dropbox host, have you tried long live pages/ url in s3?

Not yet, but checking changes internally like skip location in angular.