[Noob Ques] Content Driven App

Hi. My app essentially has a lot of content but nothing that users edit. Its a straight forward app which consists of tons of content and nothing else (no pictures no nothing). Here are a few things I thought of. Kindly tell me which one you think is the best solution for such an app.

  1. Using firebase? (don’t see the need for this since users edit NOTHING and there is no login page or any of that).

  2. Some CMS tools like Wordpress (the downside is that user needs to be connected the internet for this).

Please tell me a good solution. Ideally, the user doesn’t need to have internet connection and the content will be RARELY updated. Thanks!

If it is just mainly text content (and I assume you might need some rudimentary searching and categorising?) then I would suggest using perhaps a local SQLite database to hold the data?

There are a couple of threads on here about using a previously created SQLite database with Ionic, so I would check them out. There are plenty of SQLite tools which let you populate the database - or you could use ODBC or similar to update it from a nice front end forms tool.

Then you can package up the SQLite database in your Ionic project and deploy to your users.

Failing that - you could just create a folder with static HTML templates in them, and then call them up within your Ionic views as needed. It just means you cannot loop through them in an array for listing (I believe) like you can with a database. Not sure if your plans for your app include the standard list -> detailed view paradigm.

Hi CyberFerret. Thanks for the quick reply! My application looks kinda like this:

Main Page:

  • List of Topics

Once a topic is clicked:

  • Displays information about that topic

There are around 1,000 topics or so. I think calling static HTML templates would be inefficient for such app.

I would use static html partials if the content is not going to be edited. If you want content to be searched, you can use sql lite as other users mentioned.