Non app store subscription for app use


If the user downloads my app, they will have to subscribe to it and provide me their email to get access to the app functionality which will be on a wordpress page.

They would be installing and subscribing to my app from my private site, not from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

I would like to use wordpress for the parts of the app content as well as the actual user subscription to gain their email and import the email into an email autoresponder such as Mailchimp.

Can an Ionic 2 based app work with autoresponders such as mailchimp/aweber/active campaign etc.?

If the user opens the app on their IOS or Android phone, will they have to login to see the everytime they open the app on that specific mobile device?


I’m not sure Ionic is necessarily your best choice here, because circumventing the App Store is going to pretty severely limit your iOS userbase to jailbroken devices and people willing to install and use trans-signing exploit apps. So you’ll lose much of the cross-platform appeal.

That would be up to you. If you don’t want to require that, you could persist authentication credentials in device storage and load them in the app on startup.

Hi rapropos,

New to this so forgive my lack of knowledge.

So iOS makes it difficult to allow non-Appstore apps on unaltered/unmodified devices?

Basically what we’re wanting to do is take a wordpress page that has specific content on it and make it accessible from a mobile device.

We want to subscribe the user and capture their username and email like a typical optin box.

Yes, very. There’s a pending antitrust lawsuit against it, so if that goes against them, things may change.

They’re also openly hostile to apps that are just wrappers around websites, so you would probably get rejected anyway.

If iOS support is important to you, I think you’re going to have to rearchitect the design to provide significant app-like functionality that allows the user to interact with the data in a different way than they would just visiting the site.

Note: All of this is just my opinion based off reports I have read from various sources. I don’t speak for Apple in any capacity.

thanks rapropos for your help

we’re spitballing here, rapropos…

the content that would be on the wrapped webpage are essentially calculators that allow the user to make specific types of time saving calculations.

for our niche, this is extremely useful and helpful to them.

So we could easily make a proper IOS app to do that but…

…it’s essential that we capture the email for the person that uses the app…whether it happens before or after they install

Obviously it would be easier if we could automatically capture it, but since they don’t allow that, it would be fine if the user entered it manually into a form.

Is iOS ok with us getting the email in that way after they install and start to use the app?

looking thru the IOS developer guides we’re still searching for answers to this.

Is capturing email allowed in that way…or any way at all, for that matter?

thanks again

If the user voluntarily enters the email, I think that would be fine, as long as you take commercially reasonable precautions to store it securely. I expect many apps use email addresses as de facto user ids.

thanks again, rapropos