No touch feedback on MIUI

I’m not receiving feedbacks on menu lists ina Xiaomi device.

  • Xiaomi Redme Pro 2
  • Model HM2 LTE-BR
  • Android 4.4.4 ktu84p
  • MIUI 7.1.3

Feedback works on emulator and Nexus 4.

Could you explain a bit more on what you mean by touch feedback? Are you talking about the animated ripple effect? If so, it’s probably do the device being an older, and having less power. We disable the ripple effect on lower-end devices.

Yes, I 'm talking about the ripple effect like that one:

Although the Xiaomi Redme Pro 2 have specs a little bit lower than Nexus 4 it’s newer and not a low-end device and should be able to render this effect. This device uses MIUI rom. A very customized version of Android which looks like with iOS. The Android version is 4.4.4.

Where can I find more information about ripple effect support on Ionic 2?