No fluent Viewtransition if much data is preloaded?


I’m currently starting an ionic project and the first view is a preloading view for data.
The App receive abount 2 MB (later it will be cached) json data from a rest-service.
This data is hold in a angular service (-> memory). The service is for all views the same, so I can there hold the data while switching the views.

My problem is, that the view transition is not fluent after preloading. The new view came from the right and move under the preload view. Then the preloadview, which is then already 50% opacity, will disappear. I have build I other test app with no loaded data and there the transition is ok.

Here is a link to the project with preloaded data:

Here is a link to the project without preloaded data:

Sometimes it is nearly ok and sometimes the views merge shortly very heavily.
It is no smooth transition like I’m accustomed from my native apps. Especially if I load it in a mobile iPhone 4s browser.

Thanks for any answer to point me out what I’m doing wrong.
Maybe I structured the app code wrong in my first webapp project.

Best regards