No documentation for scrollAssist, autoFocusAssist, inputBlurring config settings

I can’t seem to find documentation for these at

platforms: {
                ios: {
                    scrollAssist: false, 
                    autoFocusAssist: false,
                    inputBlurring: false, 

UPDATE: there is no documentation whatsoever about these options, however they do seem to have important effects, especially with ionic 3

Short dive into the code:


(I don’t understand how this works and what this changes)



It would be really useful having documentation on these config settings, especially since the keyboard issues are planned only for milestone 3.2.0

3 ways to solve this:

  1. Comment on that issue, add this thread here.
  2. Open another issue that mentions this missing documentation.
  3. Write the documentation yourself in the repository and submit a PR.

The nightly api doc actually contain scrollAssist and scrollPadding

Link is no longer available. Can anyone update it?