ngCordova Geolocation watchPosition method doesn't work on iOS simulator

I’m not sure what exactly am I missing because the getCurrentPosition method works correctly, in both the browser and the iOS simulator. (Not the case for the watchPosition method)

Here’s the code that I’m using:

(function() {
  function watchMe() {
    var options = {
      frequency: 1000,
      timeout: 3000,
      enableHighAccuracy: true,
      maximumAge: 500000
    var watch = $cordovaGeolocation.watchPosition(options);
      function(error) {
          title: 'Error',
          template: error.message
      }, function(position) {
          title: 'Success!',
          template: position.coords.latitude + ', ' + position.coords.longitude

To reiterate, the code sample above is apparently working well when it’s tested in a browser via ionic serve, But it does nothing when it’s run using the iOS simulator (ionic emulate ios). The code above doesn’t make it to either of the callbacks for the watch.then block… ie. No Popup will ever be triggered (for this example).

Is there something else I’m missing here? I’m clueless about this issue.

Thanks in advance,

PS. @mhartington, Could you please take a look at this one? (maybe there’s an easy fix)

Fortunately this is problem related to XCode and iOS simulator version 8.2, this issue is better explained here. I opted to work with simulator for iOS 7, and everything is back to normal.