ngCordova Contacts sometimes shows duplicates

I am using the contacts plugin and then showing a list of contacts from a user search form. On some devices it shows the same user twice if they have multiple phone #'s in the system. On other devices it only shows one. I would like it to only show one on all devices. (If this is not possible I at least want access to the second phone #. Right now the duplicates show the exact same phone #). Here is a snippet of my code to only show users with Al in the name.

$scope.getAllContacts = function(searchQuery) {    
					var opts = {                                           //search options
					  filter : searchQuery,                                          // 'Bob'
					  multiple: true,                                      // Yes, return any contact that matches criteria
					  fields:  [ 'displayName', 'name' ]
						opts.hasPhoneNumber = true;         //hasPhoneNumber only works for android.

				$cordovaContacts.find(opts).then(function (contactsFound) {
				  $scope.contacts = contactsFound;

		$scope.getAllContacts("Al"); `

yeah in that case you have doubled contacts on your phone --> like on android you can change the contacs-view --> grouped by number or show only stored on sim.

I think you have the problem that parts of your contacts are stored on the phone and another time in your google-account.

I had the problem with a new android phone --> i inserted my old sim and synced with google afterwards --> i did not see any duplication in my contacts because the default settings only showed the google contacts

I still have this problem. Any ideas? It has nothing to do with android since I’ve only seen the problem on iOS 9.x devices.