ngCordova Camera ios 9.2.1

Since the update to ios 9.2.1 the camera plugin with ngCordova doesn’t work. It just results in a black screen as if the camera launches but doesn’t fully load.

Any one else experience this or similar?

Seems like you may have clicked NO to allow camera access, when first opening?

Check your apps permissions in Settings.

I have two versions of the app, both tested on an iPhone using ionic view.

One has been on the phone for sometime, no changes to code, once the ios update was applied on the phone camera stopped working.

Are there new permissions with ios 9.2.1?

No new permissions, the error must be somewhere else. Running the newest version of the plugin?

Yeh newest version, as I say worked perfectly until update to ios. Still works fine on android.

ok, turned out to be a permission on iOS, as suggested going into the settings and making sure camera permissions were enabled fixed it. Strange that permissions changed though as the app had been previously working.

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