Ng-repeat not working on Android devices after building

Hi all,

I just took a code online to illustrate at the bottom.

The code below works well when build into iOS, and browse with web browsers such as chrome.

<div ng-init="friends = [
  {name:'John', age:25, gender:'boy'},
  {name:'Jessie', age:30, gender:'girl'},
  {name:'Johanna', age:28, gender:'girl'},
  {name:'Joy', age:15, gender:'girl'},
  {name:'Mary', age:28, gender:'girl'},
  {name:'Peter', age:95, gender:'boy'},
            I have {{friends.length}} friends. They are:
            <input type="search" ng-model="q" placeholder="filter friends..." />
            <ul class="example-animate-container">
                <li class="animate-repeat" ng-repeat="friend in friends | filter:q">
                    [{{$index + 1}}] {{}} who is {{friend.age}} years old.

I tried building a fresh project it works, however when I tried the one Im working on, it does not work, is there any possible reason that caused this?

Sorry, I think its fixed, its a case sensitivity issue that Android do not allow