Ng-lottie issues in Ionic View

Versions -
MacOS 10.12.6
Ionic 3.20.0
Node 9.5.0

I have a couple of animations in my app I have added with the ng-lottie plugin. These animations run smoothly and just fine when I test in browser with Ionic serve. However, when I test on Ionic View (iPhone 6/6s) these animations are extremely laggy, to the point they would be unusable.

How can I get an accurate idea of production performance for my lottie animations? I am thinking the issue could because they are cloud hosted through the app instead of packaged on the device. Is this the issue or is there some other way I can test accurately?

Create a production build of your app. There is no other way to do that.

Ok cool thanks. Do you have an idea given the situation I explained, where it plays fine in ionic serve but lags in ionic view, if the lag might be present in a production package?

Ionic View is a very different environment than an actual app.
But yes, maybe it is just “too much” for a mobile device?

I guess its possible, but none of the animations are overly complicated and only have one color. I will try the production build, but I was hoping to avoid going through the process of certificates and stuff at this point hah