Ng-cordova with phonegap build


Is it possible to use ng-cordova on phonegap build ?


Yes. It should work more or less the same way as ng-cordova is just a drop in Javascript file that you would have to include. PGB still uses a cordova.js file which exposes the window.cordova object that cordova plugins extend.


From what I recall though, phonegap renames the window.cordova object to window.phonegap, and all the cordova standard plugins are rewritten to that, AFAIK


I am facing a weird problem The camera plugin using ng-cordova working on ios and android , But not on WP . Am i missing something ? I am using phone-gap build to create installation file


Well we don’t support WP, just a heads up…

Hmm, not to familiar with debugging on WP, but I’d attempt to see if there are any errors using some debugging method. Maybe using check out weinre?