Ng-click return undefined value

Hello, I have a function that gets a value from an event ng-click however when I display the value received I get an “undefined”. What can be causing this?


<div ng-click="setResposta(value)"><a class="resposta-btn">Click</a></div>

$scope.setResposta = function(value){

the alert show “undefined”, I don’t know what else to do.

the value in setResppsta() is undefined

not the value within the setResposta (value) is a number and check the browser inspector it is defined.

So if you were to do something like this
<div ng-click="setResposta('test')">

It alerts undefined?

browse the works but when I give the build for android not working

Take a look at how the lists demo are handling things

I have the following code:

 <div ng-click="setResposta({{atributos}})"><a class="resposta-btn">{{respostas1}}</a></div>

the {{atributos}} comes from a request the server and the tests {{atributos}} this is usually loaded in the browser works however when given the build generates an undefined, {{respostas1}} is loaded too, and work.