Ng-click list call-log then show Detail-log

So I have call-logs just showing name and date.
And now I want to showing Details of that log (number,duration and type of call) its mean that I should click one of call-log list. BUT the problem is I don’t have an ID to get Details of that log, because the Data of call-logs live from my handphone.

Is somebody know how to get Details with my problem? or someone have an opinion from my problem?
Tell me~

Thanks :blush:

I also wish to Achieve this…Have you solved your issue… Please share the code…

Hi @RehatulAmbar

first you need to get all your call logs data in one array. then you should display that data in list by ng-repeat.

$scope.logs = [your array];
// html
<ion-item ng-repeat="call in logs" ng-click"goToDetails(call.timestamp)">
<label> </label>


function goToDetails(timestamp){

then on clicking item shold go to detail view and in that you should display all data, it is not nessasary that ID is required, you should have some unique value for each record like timestamp so you can identify record.