Ng-cli-ws waiting after upgrading to ionic 7

Hi, i have update IONIC to latest version. I also have the latest version of Angular installed.
Now when i start the application i see that this call remain in pending:


No one have this issue after upgrading to Ionic7?

for more information,

ws://localhost:4200/ng-cli-ws remain in status 101 Switching Protocol

I roll back to 6.7 and it works correct. So i don’t know if could be a bug

No one have this problem? I can’t update to Ionic7

Hey, sorry for missing this. I haven’t seen this issue at all. Can you recreate this in a new project?

Yes also on new project ther’s a websocket always pending. So my problem could be different. I have an interceptor that launch the loading when request start and stop loading when request end. In Ionic6 it work fine. In 7 the loader doesn’t disappear. So i think that was the websocket request that cause my problem but actually i can’t understand what component updated cause my problem. Now i see that loader is changed but ther’s no breaking change about. Maybe this component have some different behaviour in new version?

Any way you could recreate this in a new project and post that to github? It’s not possible to tell without a sample project to inspect

Yes i have recreated the problem on new fresh project. I Will post it on github

Have you discovered any solutions to the same problem I’m currently encountering?

Actually i solve the problem using the Inline Loading, with a service injected on interceptor that with add or remove value of a counter, and the loading spin only when counter is greater than 0.
I can’t use LoadingController on my solution