Ng-class multiple

hi all, i’m early for angularjs.

i have some list, if i click one of list, popup will display. and after i chose option on popup, popup will close and background list will change. untill now it’s work for only first list. ( i think )

and i got problem, when I click the second list, background first list change class to.

This sample my work

How to change background one by one after click option popup?
Please help me,
Thanks in advance

I’m not sure if I understood your problem but take a look at this and let me know.

Now there is an array of items which contain a selected property which will hold the value of the selected radio button from the popup. I think you are going to use the value from the input text but that’s homework.

When you create a popup it returns a promise. It’s resolved when the popup is closed. You can pass a value which will be an argument on the success callback and in this case is assigned to the selected property of the item.

And if you are new with angular read its documentation.

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perfectly, this is what I wanted all along…

and i will learn for the structure, and i will read/learn angular documentation…

thank you very much

may i ask one more?
whether it could, if I click on the first list, a popup will appear below the first list. as well as when I click the second list, a popup will appear at the bottom of the second list ?