Ng-Change on a select box on iOS drives me nuts

This is only an issue on iOS. Android works expectedly.

I have the below select code on my settings screen for the user to select an audio from the select box. After the selection, we hear the selected audio and that’s it. End of story. That’s all we want. And it works just like that on Android.

On iOS though, after we hear the selected audio, the form completely disappears. The only thing that stays is the page background. In other words, the view disappears including the page title.

This does not happen on other controls (such as the on/off switch). I can change their status on ios or android, my settings is updated in the localStorage and they just work fine.

I noticed that this happens soon after I tap on the ‘done’ area on ios which is a must-do after selecting an item from the drop down. That’s how we dismiss the select options from the view anyway.

Also, when I try that code on browser, it works. I do not get that no-view status.
It’a only the iOS Emulator and the actual device that drive me nuts.

I need to go to different tab and then come back to where the form was ( which is the #/settings route ).

What is wrong in this code below?

<select ng-options="audioSet for audioSet in ['set1', 'set2', 'set3', 'set4']" ng-model="formModel.audioSet" ng-change="updateSetting('audioSet',formModel.audioSet); playAudio(formModel.audioSet); ">