Newest ionicons

Hey, in ionicons 2.0 the animated refreshing icons are dropped, are they gonna be added again @Ben ? also will the beta14 use the ionicons 2.0 or the previous version?

Hey @sjerd,

Yes we dropped animated font icons (too many problems with different browsers displaying/animating fonts differently). Instead, we will be creating a separate repo or “pack” full of various SVG loading spinners, all of which will not be part of a font. This is just a much better solution.

Beta14 will not be updating to the latest version of ionicons. It will be referencing the previous version, which can be found here. The next release will be include the new loading spinners and use ionicons 2.0.

Hope that clears up any confusion!


@Ben regarding the spinners, there is a beta version of it for testing ?

No, not at the moment. I’ll let you know when we do!

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Looking forward to use it ! :smile:

The ion-spinners are here… I’ve written a small codepen demonstrating how you could use them in place of the old animated ionicons.

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