Newbie questions: Avatar placeholder, push, animations


Hey There.
I’m new to Ionic coming from Native iOS apps,

I built the basic tabs example and it works great.
I wondered a couple of things though

  1. In the “chats” screen, I noticed the avatars load like web a webpage. meaning , progressive. This isn’t really desirable because it makes it feel un-native. Is there any way in ionic to have some default avatar placeholder (something local) , until the avatar is ready to be displayed?

  2. How are push notifications handled in ionic? Sending should probably be the same server-wise but in iOS there’s the issue of registering a new user for push (or subscribing in Android i think), and then handling incoming push notifications. Would love some nice info/reading materials on that.

  3. Animations. What kind of native-like animations could we perform as devs? Is there a nice physics engine similar to Facebook’s pop library or the native UIDynamics?

Thanks so much in advance for answering everything.

Still getting acquainted with the system :wink: