Newbie question How i can navigate beetween first page and

Hello World

I start to use this framework

I use online editor

I try to write an app for download my professional resume stored in Google drive in PDF Format

I also have a phone link and a mail link

i have two files

First page

menu page (so called side menu page)

Firts question

i am unable to test online the menu page

i have the following error

No Preview Available
In order to preview this page, it must have at least one viable child. For Side Menus that means at least one page must be linked inside the Side Menu. For Tabs that means at least one Tab must have its Default Page set.

how i can fix this?

Second Question

i am unable to navigate beetween first page and side menu page i not have link in emulator… Nothing i don’t understand how this work…

How i can fix this?

Thanks for your attention
Thanks for your patience