Newbie Question about IONIC App

Hello everyone, i come from the filemaker world and want to move on. We have created a little app to look after displaying a schedule of dances for a competition. here is a screen shot: Now FMPro runs only IOS (iphone) for mobile devices. We could use web direct for android devices but that involves AWS or other server means. Or we need a server and tons of client licences. At any rate this is an app that has static data, display only…no user intervention apart from searching. There could be changes in the dance categories, times etc. But, that is controlled by someone in the backend. Right now we have it set up to use google sheets. The app checks to see if there are changes in the data, if so do an update and notify the user. Also if you notice, at the bottom above the menu bar there is a current dance. That is schedule based meaning it checks the current time and compares it to the data and displays the current dance. If there are discrepancies, which there are like falling behind or it runs smoothly and gets ahead. we can adjust that on another screen. I would like to move away from filemaker if possible and do this another way and this Ionic framework looks really slick. My hope is to design this in this framework. Using Appscript from google I have a firebase database set up that is synced to the google sheet. I am hoping that this framework can tie into Firebase realtime and display the data similar to the screen shot. Then my data on the phone will be updated all the time.

That brings me to my question. Is this possible using the IONIC / angular framework. I have basic programming skills…again a database guy. But looking at some of the tutorials for this, it looks manageable and I am up for the challenge as well.

Thanks for your time.


Short answer Yes!

Google Firebase is a great option for the data side of the app as well.

There are a ton of resources out there for you to draw upon. I have my book at: Also check out There are several other community members producing great work.

Good Luck!