New to Ionic


I am new to ionic and mobile development and I have some very basic questions.

We are building a very simple mobile app.

All it does is periodically call a remote REST API over HTTP, get some JSON back, and store the data locally for rendering this later on screen.
No real animation or anything fancy.

Just display some text on the screen with some basic graphics and some nav like next/prev.

This is basically all.

Now, we want the user experience to be very same across Android, iOS and Windows phones/tablests.
So, we have heard about Ionic2+CorssWalk.

We have also heard that Crosswalk will make the binary app much larger.
So, we are not very sure about crosswalk any more as we want to keep the app as small as possible.

The question is:
Given that our app is very basic, would plain Ionic 2 allow us to have very same user experience on Android, Windows and iOS? Or will we need something like crosswalk?

Thank you very much for your help and suggestions.